Brenna Memole

Brenna Memole AGNP-C

“AGNP, Friend, Advocate”

Brenna Memole has held a keen interest in health and medicine since early high school. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Physiology and Metabolism at UC Berkeley and went on to work as a Nutritional Specialist on a college campus, as well as a Nutritional Instructor in a women’s rehabilitation home. Thereafter she studied at Columbia University and received a Master’s in Nursing – Adult Gerontology, graduating with honors. Brenna is personally dedicated to a very active and healthy lifestyle and enjoys engaging her patients in positive and beneficial changes to best suit their individual health needs. Her personal interests also include vegetarian cooking, running, hiking, and traveling. Brenna has visited over 20 countries and enjoys learning about other cultures and types of medicine.
Brenna primarily treats patients out of the La Jolla Clinic.