Michael Fangerow, D.O.

“Doctor, Friend, Advocate”

We are excited to welcome Michael Fangerow, DO, to our team! After receiving his medical education at Des Moines University, Dr. Fangerow served within the Naval Medical Center from 2011-2014. He then continued his medical work in the Navy through 2022, working in both clinical and hospital settings. His experience has allowed him to grow in many aspects, but especially in geriatric medicine and chronic disease management. Dr. Fangerow belives it is important to develop trusting relationships with his patients, and provide them with practical information that enables individuals to understand their conditions better. He also hopes to be an advocate for all of his patients while they are navigating a complicated healthcare system. Outside of work, Dr. Fangerow enjoys family activities with his four sons: MMA, skateboarding, music and art are some of their passions he finds joy in participating in. Outside of that, Dr. Fangerow serves at his local community church in his own free time!