Sandra Alexander, M.D.

“Doctor, Friend, Advocate”

Dr. Alexander is delighted to join Perlman Clinic after working for
over 20 years as a general practitioner on the Gulf Coast. With a deep
commitment to personable, complete care, Dr. Alexander focuses on
patient wellness and prevention and works tirelessly to meet each
individual’s demands and fully comprehend their needs. In her previous
practice, she had over 6,000 patient charts and an uncanny ability to
remember everyone’s name and story. She is interested in getting to
know her patients as human beings as she works in partnership with
them to care for their health.

Having trained in surgery both in Brazil and the United States before
deciding to focus on Family Medicine, Dr. Alexander brings a uniquely
well-rounded perspective to her medical practice. She has worked in
large inner-city hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, she has trained with
world-renowned plastic and hand surgeons, and she specialized in
oncological microsurgery in the beginning of her career. All this
experience helped her sharpen diagnostic skills that are crucial in
Family Practice. Some of her proudest achievements have involved
saving patients’ lives with accurate early diagnoses of
life-threatening conditions.

Dr. Alexander loves swimming, kayaking, and hiking; she is thrilled to
be living in the beautiful San Diego area where she can enjoy her
favorite activities year-round alongside her two sons, her grandson,
and her lovable rescue dog Delilah.