Endocrinology - Perlman Clinic

Endocrinology in San Diego

Perlman clinic has an endocrinologist and a registered dietitian nutritionist on staff that work closely together to provide the best patient care for our patients. The program includes office visits with our endocrinologist and one-on-one counseling and patient education with a registered dietitian nutritionist. The dietitian can help manage diabetes (type I and II), overweight/obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease and other related conditions. Common conditions that can be treated by our endocrinologist include:

•  Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2
•  Insulin management, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring
•  Pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome
•  Hypoglycemia (low sugar levels)
•  Obesity
•  Thyroid dysfunction (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism)
•  Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease
•  Thyroid nodules
•  Menstrual period abnormalities
•  Polycystic ovary disease
•  Menopause associated symptoms
•  Osteoporosis
•  Elevated and low calcium levels
•  Parathyroid dysfunction
•  Low testosterone (males and females)
•  Adrenal insufficiency
•  Pituitary disorders: tumors, infiltration, empty sella, hyperplasia)
•  Cushing’s syndrome
•  Acromegaly
•  Elevated prolactin
•  Hypopituitarism (deficient pituitary function)
•  Growth hormone deficiency (adult)
•  Diabetes insipidus
•  Radiation-induced hypothalamic and/or pituitary dysfunction

If you are interested in seeing our endocrinologist, please call 858.554.1212 to make an appointment.