Endocrinology - Perlman Clinic

Endocrinology in San Diego

Perlman Clinic believes that ready access to an Endocrinologist is an important part of providing quality medical care. Not all patients require an Endocrinologist, but those that do have access to a highly qualified medical provider – Megan Rogers, MD. Common conditions that can be treated by an Endocrinologist include:

•  Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2
•  Insulin management, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring
•  Pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome
•  Hypoglycemia (low sugar levels)
•  Obesity
•  Thyroid dysfunction (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism)
•  Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease
•  Thyroid nodules
•  Menstrual period abnormalities
•  Polycystic ovary disease
•  Menopause associated symptoms
•  Osteoporosis
•  Elevated and low calcium levels
•  Parathyroid dysfunction
•  Low testosterone (males and females)
•  Adrenal insufficiency
•  Pituitary disorders: tumors, infiltration, empty sella, hyperplasia)
•  Cushing’s syndrome
•  Acromegaly
•  Elevated prolactin
•  Hypopituitarism (deficient pituitary function)
•  Growth hormone deficiency (adult)
•  Diabetes insipidus
•  Radiation-induced hypothalamic and/or pituitary dysfunction

If you are interested in seeing our endocrinologist, please call 858.554.1212 to make an appointment.