Video Visits

Video Visits: PocketDoc

Perlman Clinic is now offering PocketDoc, a mobile app, for video visits. See video below.

Our team can now treat you virtually when you need quick help, where you need quick help (examples: when you’re at home or at work). Here are some highlights:

  • Visits expected to start within 15 minutes
  • Visits cost $30 so not too different from a typical copay
  • Many common medical issues treated, including cold/flu, UTI, and allergies
  • If needed, prescriptions sent to your pharmacy of choice
  • Staffed by the Perlman Clinic team. No outside medical professionals used
  • Available on both iPhone and Android
  • Open during the week from 8:30am to 5:00pm

We encourage you to learn more about the service and conditions treated by visiting the website:

Patient Testimonials

So easy!!

At 30 dollars this is a steal. Easy visit and then I pucked up my prescription an hour later. No brainer. I also really liked the doctor I spoke with
– Alex G.


5 / 5 stars

Great Service!

I started feeling sick at work and wasn’t able to get to an urgent care. I used this app and had a great experience. Super easy and doctor was professional. Highly recommend!
– Gabe R.


5 / 5 stars