About Us

Company Overview

Since 2005, Perlman Clinic has been providing quality primary care in San Diego. Our primary and urgent care providers have a range of backgrounds, specializing in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Pediatric Medicine. We have also added Mental Health Therapy, Psychiatry, Nutrition, and Weight Management services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make healthcare easy and available. We want you, our patient, to rediscover the comfort of what was once a visit to the doctor’s office. We strive to be your medical home. We want to provide outstanding care in a comfortable environment that embraces technology.

How We Practice Medicine

Practicing medicine is a very challenging and demanding job. We have tried to create an environment where our providers can spend the time they feel necessary with you, the patient, to ensure you are receiving quality care. We’d like to highlight that:

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