Preparing for Your Annual Physical

1. Who should schedule

a. Everyone!
b. Particularly:

i. Adolescents / young adults involved in sports programs requiring annual exams
ii. Working adults whose employers require biometric screening / physical exam for insurance benefits
iii. Adults with chronic medical conditions

2. When to schedule

a. Once every year (every 365 days)

3. What to discuss

a. Overall health
b. Medication reconciliation
c. Chronic conditions review / check-in
d. Specialists regularly seen
e. Preventive health needs

i. Screenings / exams (e.g. colonoscopy, mammography, pap smears, vision, skin)
ii. Vaccines / immunizations

f. Pertinent medical history

i. History of diseases: anemia, deficiency, hormonal disorders, autoimmune dysfunction, psychiatric disorders

g. Risk reduction for diseases

i. Diet
ii. Exercise

iii. Stress reduction methods
iv. Lab / imaging screening if indicated

4. What to bring

a. Current / updated medication list
b. List of specialists regularly seen by
c. Dates of last preventive care screenings (e.g. pap smear, mammogram, colonoscopy)
d. Dates of recent or upcoming surgeries / procedures
e. Pertinent family history / genetic conditions (e.g. cancer history in first degree relatives, autoimmune diseases, psychiatric diseases, cardiovascular diseases)
f. Forms needing completion

5. Important things to remember

a. We will try to accomplish as much as we can during an annual visit

i. Additional concerns / things not addressed during the visit due to time constraints, etc. may likely require an additional office visit for optimal care

b. Screenings and preventive care needs vary by age

i. We are happy to discuss with you what you need now as well as anticipating future needs


Please call us at (858) 554-1212 if you have any questions. Thank you!