Urinary Tract Infections: Symptoms & Treatments

The urinary system is comprised of three main parts: the urethra, kidneys, and bladder. An infection to any of these parts is known as a urinary tract infection. The first part to get infected is the urethra. This is the urinary tract opening that connects to the bladder. If bacteria are left in the urethra, bacteria will eventually find its way to the bladder. This would result in a bladder infection, which is a little more serious.

The main causes of urinary tract infections are sexual intercourse, menopause (women only), obesity, immune system disorders, and diabetes. You will likely know when you have a urinary tract infection because the symptoms are identifiable.

Below are the 5 main urinary tract infection symptoms to watch out for:

1) Painful Urination – If it hurts when you urinate, you likely have a urethra or bladder infection. It will be a consistent pain that happens each time you urinate.

2) Abdominal Pain – As painful as it is to urinate, you may also feel abdominal pain when you aren’t urinating, making it harder for you to urinate because of the pain. This could result in you retaining more urine, which would likely make things even more uncomfortable for you.

3) Dark Urine – If your urine looks bloody or cloudy, then in all likelihood you have a urinary tract infection of some kind.

4) Tiredness – Tiredness and weakness are common symptoms of the infection. The best thing you can do is rest and take proper treatments.

5) Feverish – If the infection has spread from your bladder to your kidneys, then you can expect to catch a fever.

Fortunately, there are treatments available to eliminate urinary tract infections. It is important that you eliminate the infection as soon as possible, especially if it’s in your bladder. Otherwise, it could spread to your kidneys and create much more painful and severe symptoms.

Below are the 2 main treatments for urinary tract infections:

1) Antibiotics – The number one treatment is antibiotics. This is what doctors will prescribe to you to destroy the bacteria that has caused your infection.

2) Cranberry Juice – The berry in this juice contains an organic substance called tannin. Some studies show that this substance can block a type of bacteria called E. coli. This is the bacteria responsible for most urinary tract infections.

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