Bladder Infection Treatment in San Diego

bladder infection san diego

Cystitis, defined as inflammation of the bladder, are more commonly known as bladder infections. Men are rarely diagnosed with bladder problems of this nature, women, on the other hand are incredibly likely to have an infected bladder at least once in their lifetime. The reasoning behind women having a higher rate of cystitis is unknown by doctors although it might have something to do with the fact that women have shorter urethras. The urethra is the tube that acts as a passageway for urine to exit the bladder. The inch and a half long tube makes it relatively easier for bacteria to make its way into the bladder. Especially considering the positioning of the urethra relative to the anus and vagina. Bacteria from either of those areas can easily find a way into the urinary tract. Some men do have a slight chance of developing cystitis as they increase in age, mainly caused by an increase in the size of the prostate. If you are experiencing a bladder infection in San Diego, Perlman Clinic is here to help!

Everything You Need to Know About Bladder Infection Treatment

If treated in a timely manner, bladder infections are not considered serious. Some people do experience multiple infections. On occasion, this can possibly lead to kidney infections. Kidney infections are significantly more serious than a bladder infection and should be treated as such. If not treated properly, it may result in permanent kidney damage. Treating bladder infection underlying causes is important. There are many preventative steps that one can take to treat their infection and also keep it from returning.

Strands of E. coli, which regularly resides in the stomach, is one of the most common causes of cystitis. After sexual activity is when women are most exposed to getting an infection. Vaginal intercourse, to be more precise, is the easiest way for bacteria to reach the bladder via the urethra. Frequent sexual activity increases the risk for infection. Women who are pregnant experience urinary tract change in response to a change in hormones as well as increased kidney function. This makes them automatically at risk for cystitis. Urinary tract infections are possible and quite common when the use of spermicides alone or with condoms is in effect. Fear not! Women who are exposed to a bladder infection, while it is painful, it can be cured! These infections tend to clear up at a quick rate and are considerably harmless if treated. If you are experiencing pain and believe you have an infection, it is best to visit your doctor.

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