Judith Cabrera, M.D.

“Doctor, Friend, Advocate”

Dr. Cabrera grew up in the San Gabriel Valley here in beautiful SoCal. She was lucky to go to school abroad and practice medicine in remote areas where access to medicine is limited. During this time, she met wonderful people but most importantly learned how to diagnose without imaging or labs, and ultimately became a better clinician from the experience.

Dr. Cabrera started her medical career with the idea to help the underserved and she has 10 years of experience doing so. Up until recently she has provided care at home, shelters and in the street to our homeless population. She is very grateful to have experienced that in her career. 

Before Dr. Cabrera decided to pursue Family Medicine, her first love was pediatrics. She has since grown to love and enjoy the geriatric population that she has been treating for the past 4 years. She also has a passion for population medicine and health economics.

Her favorite part of being a physician is sharing knowledge in a language that is easy to grasp and working together with patients to improve their health. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and two dogs.