Ankle Sprain Treatment in San Diego

ankle sprain San Diego

Ankle sprains are an very common injury and can happen to anyone. This injury affects the ligaments, tough bands of tissue which surround and connect bones of the leg and stretch all the way down to the foot. This injury can occur with the twist and turn of the ankle in an unfamiliar way. This injury stretches, and in some cases, tears the ligaments which hold together the ankle bones and joints. If you need treatment for an ankle sprain in San Diego, Perlman Clinic is here to help!

All of the ligaments in the body have one set range of motion. They also have a specific range of boundaries in which allow the ligaments to keep joints stationary. When these boundaries are pushed due to the ligaments surrounding the ankle stretching, a sprain occurs. Ankles in which are sprained are most likely related to the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.

Everything You Need to Know About Ankle Sprain Treatment

Consult with a health care provider immediately if you believe you have sprained your ankle. A doctor will be able to gage the severity of the injury. Once the injury severity is determined, the doctor will then be able to recommend a proper treatment. It is possible that the injury will take many weeks and sometimes months to completely heal. So what causes an ankle sprain? This occurs when the foot is twisted or rolled. When you force your ankle joint out of its normal, set position, you will likely sprain it. This can happen during physical activity when your ankle unexpectedly moves and twists. This can cause one or even multiple ligaments around the ankle to stretch. It can also cause the ligaments to tear. There is a possibility of swelling to the injured area to occur. Bruising is also a possibility as a result of some of these tears. It is likely that if you have sprained your ankle you will feel pain and discomfort when weight is placed on the affected area. Your tendons, cartilage, and blood vessels might also be damaged due to the ankle sprain.

This injury can happen to anyone. Those who participates in sports or walk on uneven surfaces while wearing unsupportive footwear, are at risk for experiencing this type of injury. If you believe that you have sprained your ankle or have torn ligaments in your leg or foot, consult with your doctor. In the meantime, it will help for you to ice the injured area and get plenty of rest while you wait. If you have experienced an ankle sprain in San Diego, contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Perlman Clinic doctor.

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