Cuts & Lacerations: Stitches in San Diego

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Call 911 immediately if the cut is bleeding severely, blood is spurting out, and if the bleeding can’t be stopped after 10 minutes of consistently firm pressure. Typically, cuts that need stitches should be repaired rather timely. This should take place within about 6 hours of the injury. Cuts to the face and/or scalp are the exception to this rule in that they can be repaired up to 24 hours after the injury. Wounds that involve deeper tissues or wounds that stretch longer than 5 centimeters will likely need stitches. If you have a cut and need stitches in San Diego, visit Perlman Clinic immediately! Walk-ins always welcome!

Everything You Need to Know About Stitches in San Diego

To stop the bleeding, apply pressure directly to the bleeding area. The second step is to clean the area with soap and warm water. Applying an ointment that serves as an antibiotic will reduce the chance of infection. After you’ve applied the ointment, put a clean bandage on the wound. It is possible for the ointment to cause a rash for those with sensitive skin. Should this happen, stop using the ointment.

Consult with a health care provider if your cut is severely deep or if it is located over a joint. If you are unable to get the laceration clean, also consult with your doctor. If the person has not had a puncture wound within the last five to ten years, it is best to call a doctor. This is also the case if the cut was caused by an animal or human bite.

Minor cuts or lacerations should heal over with home treatment over the course of a couple of days. If the cut does not heal and is showing signs of infection such as redness, swelling, pus, or an excessive amount of pain, contact your health care provider.

Doctors will be able to clean wounds that are deep and considerably large. This also include cuts caused by gravel. Wounds caused by gravel or dirt can put you at risk of permanent damage to the skin. If there are parts of the wound with damaged or dead skin, it will most likely need to be removed to reduce the chance of an infection developing. Typically, wounds that were caused by glass or metal will need to be carefully examined by a health care provider and will likely need an X-ray to ensure that there are no small articles of any material left inside the wound. Always consult with your doctor if you continue to feel pain. Visit one of our urgent care locations in San Diego if you need stitches in San Diego!

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