Ear Infection San Diego

ear infection san diego

In your ear, there are small tubes that run directly from each ear to the back of the throat. These tubes are called Eustachian tubes. When they become swollen and/or blocked, fluid then builds up causing an ear infection. Blockage of the Eustachian tubes include; allergies, sinus infections, smoking tobacco, colds, mucus build up, the tissue near tonsils being infected or swollen. These infections occur most often in young children as they do not have fully developed Eustachian tubes. Infants who are fed by a bottle have a higher rate of receiving ear infections rather than infants whom are breastfed. Altitude changes, climate changes, exposure to smoke, and pacifier use, are all risks of developing an infection. Visit Perlman Clinic if you are experiencing an ear infection San Diego.

Everything You Need to Know About Ear Infection San Diego

These infections have many symptoms. Some symptoms can include; discomfort inside the ear, mild pain inside the ear, fussiness of young infants, drainage from the ear which looks like pus, and hearing loss. Unlike other infections, symptoms for infections in the ear may come and go or they might stay. The symptoms can happen in either or both ears. Chronic infection symptoms may be less apparent whereas acute infections with be noticeable. It is best to consult with a doctor if you child is younger than six months and is experiencing these symptoms. If your child has a fever higher than 102 degrees, you must see a doctor.

These infections are diagnosed by a healthcare provider. They will examine your ear with an otoscope made up of a magnifying lens as well as a light. This examination may reveal; redness, pus-like air bubbles or fluid inside the ear, drainage from the middle of the ear, a perforated ear drum, or a bulging or collapsed eardrum. Your doctor will most likely take samples of the fluid in your ear to decide which antibiotic is best based on the bacteria that are present.

Ear infections are treated in a variety of ways. Applying a warm cloth to the infected ear helps to keep the infection at bay. Taking over-the-counter pain medication will subside any pain in the general area of the infection. Ears drops and decongestants would also be wise purchases as these will help in the recovery process. If your symptoms do not improve and in fact, become worse, it would be a good idea to visit the doctor once again. These infections can be treated and in mild cases, do not need treatment.

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