Knee Ligament Injuries

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Ligament injuries often occur amongst athletes. The injury is sport specific as it occurs primarily in the knee and ankle since they are the most vulnerable. The small band of flexible tissues and tough fibers which connect the body to the bones are known as ligaments. Causes of the injury are typically twisting or landing improperly. Ligaments that are located around a joint are at the full-stretch and can tear away from the bone. While connecting bones to other bones, ligaments limit the amount of motion a joint can move and prevent certain actions. Knee and ankle ligaments are the most commonly torn ligaments. In full contact or sports with many direction changes, joints are under a high amount of stress and weight-bearing. If you are looking for a knee ligament injury in San Diego, give us a call today to schedule your appointment with a Perlman Clinic doctor!

Everything You Need to Know About Knee Ligament Injuries

There are three grades of ligament injuries. The first grade is a mild tear in which the ligaments can stretch however they do not tear. The joint may swell or cause pain, but the increased severity can occur should the injury repeat itself. The second grade is a moderate ligament tear. This grade is classified as moderate as the ligament tears only partially. Common side-effects include swelling and bruising. Should someone has a grade two ligament injury, they will experience pain in trying to use the ligament. Grade three is a severe ligament tear, also known as a ruptured ligament. This grade is classified as ruptured as this is when the ligament is entirely torn.

If you have a completely torn ligament, you will experience a great deal of pain, swelling, and in some cases, bleeding beneath the skin. The joint, in result, is unstable and is unable to bear any form of weight. The symptoms of a torn ligament include; sudden pain and increased swelling, instability of the joints, the inability to walk or run otherwise known as, impaired function. Many ligament injuries may take about four to twelve weeks of rehabilitation. This time period varies and is dependent upon the injuries location as well as severity. A health care practitioner is the best source to consult with. A sharp change of direction will certainly lead to a knee injury. Another cause of a knee injury could be landing improperly from a jump. A forceful and speedy blunt hit to the knee will also cause injury. Major knee ligaments include; ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), the MCL (medical collateral ligament), the LCL (lateral collateral ligament), and the coronary ligament.

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