Minor Burn Treatment in San Diego

minor burns

Minor burns can affect anyone. They can heal on their own with a good routine of at home treatment. Any symptoms or side affects you experience can be subdued and healing can be promoted with proper treatment. If, however, you feel that you might have a considerably more serious or severe injury, you can use first-aid measures until you are able to seek attention from a doctor.

The first place to begin with treating your burn is to prevent from it resulting in a far more severe burn. Heat burns, also known as thermal burns, should be covered with a blanket or water. Remember what you were taught as a child- stop, drop, on roll should your clothing catch on fire. This process will push the flames into the ground. On the opposite side of that, are cold temperature burns. Warm the area with first aid. This type of burn which affects the smaller areas of your body such as: the ears, face, nose, fingers, and toes, can be warmed with blowing your own air on to the frozen areas. You can also tuck them inside your clothing and soak in warm water.

Another type of thermal burn is the liquid scald burn. This minor burn can be eased with running cool tap water over the harmed area for about fifteen minutes. It is important for you to remember to only use cool tap water and in no circumstance should you use ice. Electrical burns should be treated by doing the following. Make sure to separate the person from the electrical source. Be sure to check for breathing as well as a heartbeat. Call 911 if there are no signs of breathing or a heartbeat. Chemical burns can be caused by natural foods. These natural foods typically contain a substance which causes irritation to the skin as well as a burning sensation. Once you find out exactly what chemical caused the burn, call the local Poison Control Center or the National Poison Control Hotline for more information regarding treatment of the burn. Tar or hot plastic burns should be placed immediately under cold running water.

It is best to remember to remove any jewelry immediately for any burn to prevent difficulty doing so when swelling begins to occur. The next step is to prepare for evaluation by a doctor. Cover the burn with clean clothing to reduce the risk of infection.

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