Eye Infection Treatment in San Diego

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The signs of an eye infection includes a variety of things. Pain the eye, being the first and most prevalent symptom. Another sign is the foreign body sensation which is described as a feeling that something is in the eye. It is possible to have this infection if your eyes are experiencing increased sensitivity to light, also known as photophobia. Discharge leaking from the eye in colors or forms such as yellow, green, blood or water, is also a sign of an infection. If your iris, the colored part of your eye, has a gray or white sore it is likely that you could have an infection. Experiencing fevers for no other cause as well as blurred or decreased vision are signs of an infection in the eye. If you are experiencing an eye infection in  San Diego, visit Perlman Clinic immediately!

Everything You Need to Know About Eye Infection Treatment

If you find that your eyes are watering or tearing up more often than usual, it is possible they could be infected. You may also notice a white, creamy drainage. If you are not experiencing pain or other symptoms, treating your eye at home is all that is necessary. Serious infections infect the entire periorbital cellulitis or the lacrimal sacs. These symptoms should be treated by a doctor.

Eye infections can develop in the eye due to irritation. Irritation can range anywhere from getting a small amount of a chemical in your eye or wind blowing specs of dust into the eye. A small cornea scratch or other minor eye injury can also result in infection which can damage the eye at a rapid rate. People who wear contact lenses are much more susceptible to these infections than those who do not. If you wear contacts and believe you have an eye infection, remove the lenses and wear your glasses until you are able to visit a doctor. Shingles, also known as herpes zoster ophthalmicus, affects the nerves of the eye causing a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include swelling, drainage from the eye, and pain.

Consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. Over-the-counter eye drops should suffice for more mild cases of these infections. If your eye has been scratched, punctured, burned, or cut, a tetanus shot could be in order. Infections with more severe side-affects are encouraged to seek medical attention and help. If you think that your child may have an infection, seek medical care from their pediatrician.

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